• Exhibition at Visual Studies Workshop

    Exhibition at Visual Studies Workshop

    The works in Land Form represent a contemporary shift in landscape depiction toward a completely human altered landscape as experienced through layers of technological mediation, a fragmented sense of reality, and complicated gestures toward the sublime—that which induces beauty and terror.

    Included are photographic prints, sculptures, and digital pieces by artists Thomas Albdorf, Lionel Bayol-Themines, Martin Brink, Mark Dorf, Katie Efstathiou, Carolyn Janssen, Anastasia Samoylova and featuring Quaking Aspen by Gary Metz.

    "By contrast, the four images from Anastasia Samoylova's "Landscape Sublime" project read as highly dramatic crashes of weather and terrain. To create each photograph, Samoylova printed images onto 3D table top assemblages, which are then styled with studio lights, mirrors, and other commercial photography tools, "forming a multi-layer interrogation of 'picturesque' aesthetics," the wall text states. Folds in the rephotographed images, which are clustered and staged in a dark room, lend the illusion of multiple realms coming into close proximity with one another in the vacuum of space." - Rebecca Rafferty

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